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Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml
Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml

Frenetic MEN Eud de Perfume - 100ml

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Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml

AED. 92.00

Frenetic MENEud de Perfume - 100ml

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Embark on a Sensory Journey Through the Rich World of Tobacco and Honey


Frenetic Tobacco Honey is a fragrance that captures the essence of an unexpected yet captivating encounter between the rich world of tobacco and the sweet allure of honey. This 100ml fragrance is a celebration of contrasts, blending the robust and aromatic notes of tobacco with the sweet and comforting warmth of honey. It is a scent that tells a story of travel, freedom, and the joy of discovering new sensory experiences.

The fragrance opens with the pungent and rich nuances of tobacco, evoking a sense of strength and generosity. These tobacco notes, ranging from the lightness of blonde tobacco leaves to the depth of dark tobacco blends, are complemented by the luscious and shimmering shades of plum and peach. This combination of fruity notes adds a delightful and colorful dimension to the scent.

As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals the golden tones of honeyed notes, lending a beautifully sensual oriental trail to the composition. The bewitching scent is both inviting and enigmatic, evoking a sense of travel and the freedom to explore new horizons.

Fragrance Notes:

Tobacco and Tobacco Leaf: The robust and aromatic heart of the fragrance, offering a rich tapestry of scents.

Honey and Smoke: A sweet and comforting warmth paired with a mysterious smokiness.
Plum, White Tobacco

Oriental Note: A blend of fruity and exotic elements that add depth and complexity.
Amber, Peach, and Citruses: A harmonious finish that provides a bright and uplifting contrast to the deeper notes.

Scent Experience:
Frenetic Tobacco Honey is more than just a fragrance; it's an olfactory adventure. It's ideal for those who appreciate the intricate blend of tobacco's richness with the sweet subtleties of honey. This fragrance is perfect for various occasions, providing a balance between boldness and sweetness, strength and joy.

Ideal For:
- Those who are drawn to unique and complex fragrances that tell a story.
- Suitable for anyone seeking a scent that combines traditional elements with unexpected twists.
- An excellent choice for individuals who want their fragrance to reflect a sense of adventure and freedom.

Rediscover the Nuances of Tobacco:
Let Frenetic Tobacco Honey be your signature scent, a fragrance that not only enhances your presence but also invites you to rediscover the captivating world of tobacco tinged with joyful colors and sweet nuances.

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