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Driveclub - PS4
Driveclub - PS4

Driveclub - PS4

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Driveclub - PS4

AED. 299.00

Driveclub - PS4

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"Driveclub" is a racing game developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game focuses on team-based racing and features a variety of cars and tracks for players to experience.


Key Features:


  1. Stunning Visuals: "Driveclub" is known for its impressive graphics, showcasing detailed car models and realistic environments. The visuals are designed to take advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 4.


  1. Team-Based Racing: The game emphasizes team-based racing, where players join clubs and work together to achieve common goals and objectives. Club members can compete against other clubs in various challenges.


  1. Diverse Cars and Tracks: "Driveclub" offers a wide selection of cars from various manufacturers, each with its own handling characteristics. The game also features a variety of tracks set in different locations around the world.


  1. Dynamic Weather: Experience dynamic weather conditions that can affect the racing environment. Rain, snow, and changing weather patterns add an extra layer of challenge to races.


  1. Social Connectivity: Connect with friends and other players online. Share your achievements, create and join clubs, and compete in challenges to earn rewards.


  1. Challenges and Events: Engage in a variety of challenges and events, both solo and as part of a club. Completing challenges and winning events contribute to the progression of your club.


  1. Driveclub Bikes Expansion: The game received an expansion called "Driveclub Bikes," introducing motorcycles to the racing experience. Players can participate in bike-specific events and challenges.


  1. PS4 Enhancements: "Driveclub" takes advantage of the PlayStation 4's capabilities for smooth gameplay, detailed visuals, and an immersive racing experience.


Product Details:

- Title: Driveclub

- Platform: PS4

- Developer: Evolution Studios

- Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

- Genre: Racing

- Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

- Online: Yes

- Release Date: October 7, 2014


Please note that online features and servers for certain games, including "Driveclub," may be subject to availability, and it's recommended to check the current status on the PlayStation Network or official sources.

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