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Maneater - PS5
Maneater - PS5

Maneater - PS5

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Maneater - PS5

AED. 189.00

Maneater - PS5

وصف المنتج

Embark on a thrilling underwater adventure and become the ultimate apex predator in "Maneater" for the PlayStation 5. In this open-world action RPG, you take on the role of a ferocious shark, evolving and wreaking havoc as you explore the waters and seek revenge against those who wronged you.


Key Features:


  1. Play as a Shark: Experience a unique perspective as you control a deadly shark navigating through various underwater environments. Devour prey, explore the ocean depths, and evolve into a powerful force of nature.


  1. Open-World Exploration: Immerse yourself in an open-world setting, filled with diverse marine life, hidden treasures, and dynamic ecosystems. Explore sunken wrecks, lush underwater caves, and bustling coastal areas.


  1. Evolution and Progression: Customize and evolve your shark to become stronger and deadlier. Unlock new abilities, upgrade body parts, and adapt to different challenges to dominate the aquatic food chain.


  1. Revenge Storyline: Embark on a quest for revenge as you take on various predators, humans, and other threats. Experience a narrative-driven adventure that unfolds as you terrorize the waters.


  1. Dynamic Combat: Engage in thrilling underwater combat with a variety of marine and human enemies. Use your shark's unique abilities, including tail slaps, lunging bites, and powerful tail whips, to overpower your foes.


  1. Infamy System: Gain notoriety as you wreak havoc and terrorize the coastal communities. Become the most feared predator in the region and face off against increasingly challenging enemies.


  1. Narrated by Chris Parnell: Enjoy humorous and entertaining commentary provided by Chris Parnell as he narrates your shark's journey, providing insights and comedic commentary on your actions.


  1. Next-Gen Visuals: Take advantage of the PlayStation 5's capabilities with enhanced graphics, faster load times, and an immersive underwater world rendered in stunning detail.


Product Details:

- Title: Maneater

- Platform: PS5

- Developer: Tripwire Interactive

- Genre: Action RPG, Open World

- Mode: Single-player

- Release Date: November 12, 2020


Dive into the depths and experience the life of a relentless shark in "Maneater" on PS5. Explore the ocean, evolve your shark, and unleash chaos in this unique and entertaining action RPG where you are the predator of the seas.

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