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Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)
Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)
Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)
Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)

Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)

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Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)

AED. 159.00

Watch Dogs 2 - PAL Version (PS4)

وصف المنتج

Dive into the vibrant and technologically advanced open-world of Watch Dogs 2, developed by Ubisoft. Set in the fictionalized San Francisco Bay Area, this action-adventure game offers players the chance to join the hacking group DedSec and take on a corrupt corporate system. Explore the dynamic and interconnected city, hack into various devices, and unleash chaos in a quest for justice.

Key Features:

1. Hack Everything:
Master the art of hacking in a world where everything is connected. Control cars, manipulate traffic lights, access security cameras, and exploit the city's central operating system to achieve your objectives.

2. Dynamic Open World:
Explore the vibrant and lively city of San Francisco and its surrounding areas. Engage in diverse activities, discover hidden secrets, and enjoy the dynamic day and night cycles as you navigate the interconnected world.

3. Play as Marcus Holloway:
Assume the role of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker with exceptional skills. Join the hacktivist group DedSec and use your talents to expose corruption, challenge the establishment, and fight for the freedom of the people.

4. Multiplayer Features:
Experience seamless online multiplayer features, including cooperative missions and competitive modes. Team up with friends to complete missions or engage in hacking challenges against other players in the connected world of Watch Dogs 2.

5. Customization and Gadgets:
Personalize your character with a variety of outfits and use a range of high-tech gadgets. Equip drones, 3D-printed weapons, and advanced hacking tools to overcome obstacles and outsmart your adversaries.

6. Social Media and Satire:
Explore the game's satirical take on modern technology, social media, and corporate culture. Watch Dogs 2 provides a humorous commentary on contemporary issues while delivering an entertaining gaming experience.

7. PAL Version:
The PAL version is designed for use in regions following the PAL television standard. This version may include specific language and compatibility features tailored for PAL regions.

8. PlayStation 4 Enhancements:
Take advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 for enhanced graphics, smooth gameplay, and a seamless gaming experience in the hackable world of Watch Dogs 2.

Product Details:
- Title: Watch Dogs 2
- Platform: PS4
- Version: PAL (European and other PAL regions)
- Developer: Ubisoft
- Publisher: Ubisoft
- Genre: Action-Adventure, Open World
- Language: English

Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 delivers a thrilling hacking adventure with a dynamic open world, engaging characters, and a narrative that explores the impact of technology on society. Join DedSec and become a modern-day vigilante in the interconnected city of San Francisco.

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