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Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml
Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml
Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml
Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml

Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml

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Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml

AED. 149.00

Farsan Al Iraq Men's Eau de parfum 75ml

Product Description


Embarking on a Mesmerizing Journey Through the Heart of Mesopotamia



Farsan Al Iraq Eau De Parfum, presented in a distinctive 75ml bottle, is a fragrance that pays homage to the rich cultural and historical heritage of Iraq, the cradle of civilization. This scent is crafted for both women and men, embodying the essence of Mesopotamia's ancient lands, its vibrant markets, lush date palms, and the mystic allure of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Farsan Al Iraq is a sensory journey that encapsulates the warmth, spice, and opulence of this historic region, making it a unique and captivating fragrance choice for those who appreciate depth and complexity in their scent selections.


Fragrance Experience:

The fragrance begins with an intoxicating blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Bergamot, top notes that instantly transport the wearer to the bustling bazaars of Baghdad, filled with the aroma of spices and the zest of life. The journey continues through the heart of the fragrance with Dates, Praline, Tuberose, and Mahonial, notes that evoke the sweetness and richness of the Iraqi landscape, from its fertile valleys to its flowering gardens. The base of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Amberwood, Myrrh, and Akigalawood provides a deeply resonant finish, reminiscent of the ancient temples and palaces, their sacred incense burning into the night.


Scent Journey:

- Top Notes: A vibrant opening with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Bergamot, sparking an initial burst of warmth and energy.

- Middle Notes: A heart rich with the sweetness of Dates and Praline, combined with the floral allure of Tuberose and Mahonial, reflecting the diverse landscapes of Iraq.

- Base Notes: A profound base of Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Amberwood, Myrrh, and Akigalawood, offering a lasting impression of mystery and tradition.


Ideal For:

- Individuals who are drawn to fragrances that tell a story, Farsan Al Iraq is perfect for those who appreciate the blend of history, culture, and natural beauty in their perfume.

- Suitable for both day and evening wear, this fragrance is versatile, making it a splendid choice for any occasion that requires a touch of elegance and sophistication.

- An excellent choice for scent connoisseurs looking for a fragrance that stands out with its unique blend of aromatic spices, sweet richness, and deep resinous undertones.


Embark on a Historic Scented Journey:

Farsan Al Iraq Eau De Parfum is more than a fragrance; it's an invitation to journey through the heart of Mesopotamia, to explore its ancient wonders and timeless beauty. With its rich blend of scents, this perfume captures the essence of Iraq's historic landscapes, offering a mesmerizing experience that lingers. Let Farsan Al Iraq be your passage to the past, a bridge to a land of mystery, history, and unparalleled beauty.


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