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Until Dawn - PS4
Until Dawn - PS4

Until Dawn - PS4

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Until Dawn - PS4

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Until Dawn - PS4

Product Description


"Until Dawn" is an interactive survival horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, the game is known for its branching narrative, player choices, and cinematic presentation. It offers a unique experience where decisions made by players impact the unfolding story and the fate of the characters.


Key Features:


  1. Interactive Horror Narrative: Immerse yourself in a gripping horror story set in a remote mountain lodge. The game features a branching narrative with multiple outcomes based on the decisions you make throughout the game.


  1. Cinematic Presentation: Experience a game that unfolds like a interactive horror movie. The use of cinematic techniques, realistic graphics, and a compelling soundtrack enhances the atmospheric and tense moments.


  1. Multiple Playable Characters: Control a group of eight young adults, each with their own personalities, relationships, and secrets. The choices you make for each character can lead to their survival or demise.


  1. Butterfly Effect System: The game employs a Butterfly Effect system where even seemingly minor decisions can have significant consequences on the story and character relationships. Choices matter, and the narrative adapts to player actions.


  1. Quick Time Events (QTEs): Navigate intense and suspenseful scenes using QTEs that require precise timing. Failure to execute the right actions can alter the course of events.


  1. Exploration and Discovery: Explore the lodge and its surroundings to uncover clues and information about the mysterious events taking place. Your observations and choices shape the unfolding mystery.


  1. Dynamic Storytelling: Experience a dynamic and evolving story based on your decisions. The game encourages multiple playthroughs to discover different paths and outcomes.


  1. Horror Genre Tropes: "Until Dawn" pays homage to classic horror movie tropes while offering a fresh and interactive take on the genre. Expect suspense, unexpected twists, and a sense of impending danger.


Product Details:

- Title: Until Dawn

- Platform: PS4

- Developer: Supermassive Games

- Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

- Genre: Interactive Drama, Survival Horror

- Mode: Single-player

- Release Date: August 25, 2015


"Until Dawn" provides a unique and thrilling horror experience, where your choices have a direct impact on the outcome of the story. With its cinematic presentation and branching narrative, it offers replay value as players explore different paths and face the consequences of their decisions.

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